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What type of cardio is best ?

Is walking better ?

Low intensity cardio to preserve muscle?

What about all out 5km run.........

Or may be sprints or HITT will be best?

If you're unsure for the best tool for the job check out this blog.

There are different types of cardio , but which is best ?

Is it

Low intensity steady state (LISS)

Medium intensity steady state (MISS)

High intensity interval training (HITT)

Low intensity steady state

- Burn the highest % fat for fuel

- Easy to recover from , making it great in the final states of fat loss phase.

- Won't interfere with your resistance training session

- You won't risk any muscle loss

- Won't blast your central nervous system.

How to do LISS

- Think of gently cardio such as walking. cycling. x-trainer. , rowing

- Keep HR under 120bpm

- Shouldn't get you breathless

Medium intensity steady state (MISS)

- Burns a fairly high % of fat for fuel

- Creates a moderately high overall kcal burn per unit of time dedicated to the workout

- Miss is abridge between LISS & HITT

How to do MISS ?

- It involves staying in the higher % of aerobic for extended periods.

- When i prescribe MISS to clients to go hard as they can for anything from 20-60 mins depending on their levels of fitness-h

- HR 140- 170 bpm

High intensity steady state (HITT)

- Most people say they do HITT, don't do HITT

- HITT is very taxing on the muscular system & nervous system

- HITT will interfere with resistance training & recovery

- HITT burns the highest amount of calories per second

- Will accelerate fat loss, hours & days after.

How to do HITT?

- Maximal effort.....yes, that means 100%

- Should have legs & muscules burning

- HR 170 bpm ....max

- Not a intensity you can maintain for long periods

The reality is that cardio can be a very useful tool

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