Personal Training

Single session:



Five session training package £212.50


Ten session training package £400


Twenty session training package £760


Corporate Personal Training Package

(max. 2 people)

Single session £30 each, for a 1hr one off session


Ten session programme  £250 each person, 
with two sharing


(Includes dietary check up and programme design for home.)

Wedding Accessories

Wedding fitness package (ring for prices)

The wedding package will primarily focus on your upper back and lower back, belly and arms, as these are all the areas that need to be looking good whilst you are in that stunning wedding dress. The package is based on a six week programme, where you will have 3 training sessions per week. You will be following a challenging workout programme and nutrition plan but the end results will be amazing! 

Image by i yunmai

Fast track weight loss (ring for prices)

Similar to the wedding package, with 3 sessions a week over a 6 week period, but really focusing on an all-over body fat loss, whilst monitoring your diet. This a great package for getting great results in a limited time for that special occasion.