Personal Training

Why do it? Simple answer...Results!

Having a personal trainer is not something solely for the rich and famous. Personal Training is the most time efficient, safe and effective way of getting in shape. At Motiv8 Personal Training I will:


  • Set goals and ensure we progress towards these goals every week

  • Pursue your goals with a training program you enjoy and are comfortable with

  • Ensure you learn how to train effectively

  • Tailor sessions specifically to your needs and wants

  • Make sure you understand the Nutrition. Food is critical in fuelling your body and reaching your goals.

Personal training is an affordable service for everyone. Personal Training is an investment into your health and is far cheaper than a night out, a designer t-shirt or a few DVD's.

Having Personal Training with Motiv8 Personal Training will actually save you Money and Gets you Results you want.

Get fitter, stronger and leaner than you have ever been before...



An individually tailored exercise workout to help you establish a fitness routine that is varied, motivating and rewarding, without the wasted gym membership!

So how does this all work?

Free consultation: This is an informal chat lasting no more than 30mins where you let me know what is you would like to achieve and I can let you know how I can help. If you choose to go ahead, you have option of buying a one-off taster session or buying in blocks of 5 or 10 training sessions.​


First fitness session: In your first session you will be asked to complete a medical and lifestyle questionnaire and we will discuss your goals, current and previous exercise habits and diet. I will then carry out a fitness assessment which includes measuring blood pressure, body fat percentage, BMI and assessment of your C.V. fitness, strength and core stability. The information gathered in this first session will form the basis of your programme and will provide me with a baseline from which to monitor future progress.


Subsequent training sessions: Your training routine will be under constant evaluation to make sure you are getting the most out of your sessions and are continuing to work towards your goals. The content of each session will depend largely on your goals but also the number of sessions per week and any other exercise you are doing. It's important to stick to a structured programme to allow your body time to adapt and improve whilst introducing regular changes to stimulate muscle activity, your energy systems, reduce boredom and increase MOTIVATION!

Where will we train?

Training sessions with Stuart take place at Berkeley Fitness, The Workshop, Hampton Lane , just off Clifton's bustling Whiteladies Road in Bristol.

You benefit from all the best equipment and facilities of a prestigious gym, with none of the crowds or membership fees.   

If you prefer to train al fresco, the stunning Brandon Hill park is just a hop, skip and a jump away, offering fresh air, greenery and plenty of opportunities to get moving! I can also arrange training from your home, workplace or local park - anywhere in the Bristol area.