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Are you training with Tempo

Applying specific tempo to exercises is a great way of controlling the duration of the set and subsequently the time under tension which will enable you to train correctly for the desired outcome.

Tempo is set in four numbers eg. 3-0-1-0

1st - The eccentric ( lowering the weight )

2nd - The pause at the bottom

3rd - The concentric ( lifting the weight )

4th - The pause at the bottom

A lot of people make the mistake when training for hypertrophy response of rushing through the set and hitting the target rep range as fast as possible .

However the functional hypertrophy the set duration should in theory last min. of 20 - 40 secs.

For hypertrophy sets should last 40 - 70 secs

The next time you train focus on controlling the weight and you will notice how much longer and more challenging the set is.

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