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Zumba is Dead

A few years back now Zumba was all over every gym, every church hall, every community centre. A friend of mine used to take sessions and she rocked it with some classes having over 100 people But now? well, in my local area Bristol anyway Zumba seems to have disappeared completely. Like not one single class, by the looks of it. Now this is not a hate on Zumba at all, I actually ended up thinking to myself. 'at least it got people off the sofa' But something clearly went wrong with it as it had no longevity? Not so much for the dude that created it, he's probably on a yacht drinking champagne and having a massage off a super model somewhere But for those who attended it's dead in the water The same will happen with the majority of other training programs too: - Insanity came and went - Tabata classes will come and go - Meta Fit was big and has now disappeared and you know what The same will happen to dozens of other gimmicky training systems in the next few years So I'm gonna give you some pointers on how to avoid joining a gimmicky program 1- Look at what gets results Everyone wants to improve in some way or another. To get stronger, add muscle mass, drop body fat, increase self confidence. Find a plan that gets these results and it won't go anywhere fast Some of these training systems originated over 100 years ago 2 - 360 Degree Support Plan Zumba just provided a workout.. sorry, PARTY... and no nutrition guidance. As a result Clients got very average results which led to low motivation. Find a program that offers training, nutrition and lifestyle support. 3 - Thing LONG term, not short term. Same people that did zumba, probably then did bokwa, then metafit, then whatever is next. Insanity probably... as in the workout, Seems they're almost in panic mode all of the time. No longevity. Kind of like fashion victims. So it seems Zumba is dead then.

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