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Why You 100% Need Fat in Your Diet

Trends change continually One minute people are condemning carbs and then next it's fat. Food manufacturers purposefully market products as 'Low Fat' which serves to create more confusion and lead people into believing dietary fat is bad for your health and your physique This couldn't be further from the truth Fat is required in our diet for a number of reasons - Supports the immune system - To absorb vitamins A,D,E,K - To maintain optimal hormone levels - Strengthen the liver - Improve the ratio of good to bad (HDL/LDL) cholesterol Signs that your not getting adequate fats in your diet include: - Intolerance to cold - Dry skin - Low libido - nobody want this do they? You should aim for a variety of healthy fats in your diet There are three key types! SATURATED - Coconut Oil (Full of health benefits) Grass Fed Butter, Egg Yolks. OMEGA 3 - Oily fish (Wild salmon, sardines, mackerel, krill oil, flax seed, walnuts, chia seeds MONOUNSATURATED - Olive oil, avocado, almonds Use olive oil for drizzling on salads, it has fantastic health properties but avoid cooking with it as it loses its health benefits at high temperatures. So never heat up olive oil!! Saturated fat is more stable at high temperatures so better for frying eggs roasting vegetables etc. So try using coconut oil or a high quality butter which also makes your food taste awesome My personal top 5 sources of fat are: 1) Butter - I cook all my vegetables in butter and it makes them taste much creamier and improves the taste 2) Almonds - I'm a huge fan of nuts and have them each morning for breakfast. They are also high in other healthy vitamins and minerals such as selenium. 3) Avocado - This is regarded as a super food due to the enormous health benefits. I add this to the majority of my salads which increases the taste, variety while adding a whole lot of goodness. 4) Oily Fish - Salmon is my personal favourite and is packed with essential oils and fats. I aim to rotate my fish sources between salmon, mackerel and sardines. Try and get 2-3 servings of oily fish in each week. 5) Coconut Oil - I use this to fry my steaks and not only does it taste amazing but it has anti inflammatory health benefits. So guys don't be afraid of fat, we 100% need it within our diets to survive. Lets just make sure we are getting it from the correct sources

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