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Why Slimming world is not healthy for you

I was reading a artical by one of my friends who is a Personal Trainer in Cardiff about a lady who comes lady to one of his bootcamps and swears by slimming world. He calls her 'Coco pops' because she had an obsession with co co pops and had read somewhere she could have them for breakfast. So Mrs Coco Pops originally came to him when he worked at another gym because she had just had her second child and she wanted to lose some weight. At the time she had tried; Weight Watchers Lighter-Life (This had really only just come out then) Herbalife Gym Classes Running Clubs Now she was doing slimming world. And guess what she told him; They All Didn't Work. So Mrs Coco Pops came to him. He asked her to take photos of her meals. Amongst eating coco pops each morning she was eating; - beans on toast - hola hoops on toast - chicken skewers and baked beans - home made chips and beans - pasta and beans She must have been farting like a trooper. Are slimming world sponsored by baked beans? lol The foods she was eating proves my point. Slimming world is a load of sh*t. Where is the protein? Where are the vegetables? Where are the nutrients? I have no doubt people will lose weight on slimming world, but they most certainly are also losing a load of muscle mass. Also toast, home made chips, hola hoops, beans. After reading this artical it breaks all the rules us Personal Trainers preach If your aim is to increase Fat Loss and insulin sensitivity. These rules are: - No Sugar - No Wheat - No Dairy - No Alcohol - No Processed food The story now with a exercise plan and nutritional advice this lady went on to losing four stone. I know some of you may argue, that slimming world works and yeah it can help you lose weight, but eating foods that are so low in quality nutrition is a recipe for disaster. Also I bet they are losing more muscle than body fat due to the lack of protein intake.

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