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We LOVE sleds + prowlers

Stuart Seymour October 30th 2017 At Motiv8 Personal Training I am huge fan of incorporating sleds and prowlers into my clients workouts. The dynamic nature of the movements make them brilliant tools for ANY body part! YES that's right! You can use the prowler or sled to target literally any body part including: - Hamstrings - Quads - Lower Back - Mid Back - Pecs - Biceps - Triceps - Deltoids - Abs The dynamic nature of the sled / prowler means that they will increase total body metabolic demands compared to traditional movements such as fixed machines or dumbbells. This makes them perfect tools for enhanced fat loss as they'll undoubtedly assist in helping you burn a ton of calories in minimal time. Doing big total body movements is fantastic conditioning, but using resistance is always our preferred option at my personal training buisness. We always want to preserve as much muscle tissue as we can for my clients when on fat loss phases of training.

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