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Want to get in shape for early part of 2022

I'd recommend you focus on getting stronger on these key lifts for the following rep ranges

front squats 4-6 reps

dead lifts 4-6 reps

back squats 6-12 reps

bench press 6-12 reps

overhead press 6-12 reps

dips 6-12 reps

incline press 6-12 reps

chin up/ pull up 6-12 reps

Make these lifts a priority before concerning yourself with getting stronger on the isolation exercises .

Isolation exercises are great , but become more important when looking to bust plateaus.

How can I do this ?

Prioritise free weight multi-point lifts at the start of the workout.

Make sure you have sufficient rest after each set.

180 seconds

Lift proper form and make sure before your working set you have a rehearsal set.

Track your progress by writing it down what weights you use

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