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Top 5 exercises for a Beyonce Bum

Stuart Seymour November 7th 2017 The glutes or your bum is a very powerful muscle They should be trained that way However people often do tons and tons of reps People make the same mistake training the abs too This is a big mistake So as the bum is a powerful muscle it responds best to HEAVY LOADS Here at Motiv8 Personal Training are my top 5 exercises to tighten and tone your gluten in record time: 1) Good Morning Variations If your a beginner start with a seated god morning. As you get stronger you can progress to the standing version which is more advanced. This exercise recruits the lower back, gluten and hamstrings simultaneously. A strong posterior chain will transfer over to other bum enhancing exercises too. 2) Romanian Deadlift To really fire the glutes I'm a huge fan of the RDL or the rack deadlift. These variations of the deadlift involve going a little lighter, but take away the lower back slightly. This gets enhances the stretch in the hamstrings and how the glutes fire. 3) Front Squat The best squat for the gluten in my opinion is the front squat. This version of the squat requires you to remain more upright. You need a strong posterior chain to maintain this position as you squat. It's a tough exercise to execute, but learning it will enhance your results BIG TIME 4) Heavy Sled Drags Pulling heavy objects not only recruits all the lower body muscles nut also gives you a metabolic benefit. If I want a client to tighten and tone their lower bodies, strongman exercises become my best friend 5) Split Squats Split squats are one of the BEST exercises in the gym - FACT But not many people know how to do them effectively The single leg nature of the exercise requires the VMO and glutes to stabilise the movement. Add these to your routine using a 3110 tempo for maximum gains If you want a nice tight butt add these exercises to your routine Want fat loss then do these exercises!! Remember the BUM is the BIGGEST muscle in the body So it has a HUGE EFFECT on metabolism

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