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Top 5 bicep exercises

It’s also important that you stimulate and fatigue as many muscle fibres as possible of your goal is to increase lean mass.

A simple way to do this is lift heavy at the start of the workout, moderate reps in the middle and finish with a pump.

This simple method performed with good exercise variation will give your biceps everything they need to grow.

So what’s my favourite exercises to build the biceps:

Supinated Chin Ups - A big compound movement for the biceps. If you want your biceps to grow aim to set PB’s in the 6-10 Rep range for this exercise.

Scott Curls - I love using the Fulkrum bar from @watsongymequipment for this, but EZ Bars and DB’s can also work real good.

Incline Curls - Rotate doing these between supinated, supinating and a neutral grip to train the biceps in the lengthened position.

Cable Curls - Cables provide constant tension are a perfect finisher exercise for a biceps workout. I like doing these in the 10-20 Rep range.

Zottman Curls - Muscle damage is maximized with eccentric-enhanced training. Typically, this is achieved with a longer tempo for the eccentric motion than for the concentric phase. Zottman curls accentuate the difficulty of the eccentric and are a great go to for bicep growth.

These bicep exercises make up the staple of my bicep exercises.

I simply use them with different Rep ranges, tempos, grips, volume and methods to provide new stressors with each program.

What’s your favourite bicep exercise?

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