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Top 10 Tips to Get in Shape

So here are some top tips to succeed with those 2016 resolutions 1. Always have something green on your plate. No matter what you’re eating or what time of day it is, make sure there is something green at every meal/snack – this is a great way of ensuring that you are getting plenty of guilt free goodness and staying on top of your 5-a-day... 2. Fill up on vegetables. Guilt free eating! All the essential phytonutrients play an important role in your body and will give you the best fat loss results as well as improve your health. Go easy on starchy veg though, such as potatoes... 3. Drink 35ml of water p/kg of body weight every day. When you think of your body, think of a car. Unless you put the correct fuel in the tank and keep it well oiled, it will stop running smoothly and eventually break down. Water is what the body needs in order to keep it working properly... 4. Don’t be afraid of fat. Healthy fats are good for you and extremely important for a healthy, balanced diet... 5. Earn your carbs. Carbs are easily stored as sugar and so eat just enough to maintain energy and sporting performance... 6. Be prepared. If you have a number of business meetings, birthday parties or you’re travelling, then you need to be prepared. A small treat or cheat meal will soon become something regular. Enjoy one of those occasionally but for the rest of the time you need to be disciplined. Be honest with yourself, be realistic and make healthy choices. One business buffet does not mean the rest of the day needs to be written off. Be social, eat, enjoy ...then get straight back to your healthy habits... 7. Keep moving. Aim for at least 25 minutes of high intensity activity 3-4 times a week. The intensity of these sessions is entirely dependent on your goals and abilities but the bottom line is keep active... 8. When starting a health and fitness routine take photos and measurements. Do not worry about what the scales say - you already know if you are carrying too much weight. Measurements and photos will keep you motivated. If you jump on the scales, your weight loss may not be significant but a photo will tell the real story. An even better way of tracking your results is through body fat testing. We want to lose fat, not necessarily weight. Ask a trained health and fitness professional to measure your body fat for you... 9. Cut out all sugar and processed foods. Sugar is the silent killer. We get plenty of sugar from fruits and veggies, and do not need it added to our diet (this includes nasty sweeteners too...) 10. Sleep yourself to the body of your dreams. A bad night means a bad day. Getting a good night’s sleep is vitally important when it comes to keeping your healthy eating on track. Not only do you risk raising your cortisol (stress hormone) levels which will lead to increased fat storage but sleep loss leads to increased levels of hunger and over time, will lead to unwanted weight gain. Sleep is just as important as exercise... so get some zzzz’s. So how many of these are you currently doing consistently... Give yourself a score out of 10? Your goal for the week is to improve that score... Play this little game and watch how your energy levels, health and fitness sky rocket

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