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The “Not To Do” List of 7 Things to Stop For Faster Fat Loss

Have you read one of those “10 Tips to Lose Fat Fast” articles and left scrambling, wondering how to add them to your hectic life? It’s overwhelming. Here’s a better method: a not-to-do list. Elimination keeps things simple so you can focus on “doing,” rather than searching the web for tips and tactics. ✋Don’t neglect sleep. You can have a great diet and workouts, but without sleep, you’ll fail. Skipping sleep leads to a case of the dietary “f*k it’s and mindless overeating and decreases your testosterone. ✋Don’t eliminate all fats or carbs All diets work because they create a caloric deficit. There’s nothing magical about any one diet. ✋Don’t dwell on the past Tell me if this sounds familiar: you went out Friday, sucked down a few drinks and ended up bombing your diet (and liver). You wake up feeling like trash on Saturday and say, “well, I already fell off the wagon, why not binge all weekend?” Don’t. Do. This. Acknowledge mistakes, then get back on track. ✋Don’t keep the kitchen open Clean up as you cook dinner, eat your meal, and close up shop. Setting a stopping point eliminates excessive grazing during your nightly date with Netflix. ✋Don’t drink liquid calories Most beverages like juices, coffee (if you're adding butter...stop), soda and alcohol add up to a ton of calories w/o the vitamins, minerals, and quality macros of whole foods.
 Drop the liquid calories, and you’ll find it much easier to lose your gut. ✋Don’t train “when you have time." Set your training as a non-negotiable appointment in your day, ideally first thing in the morning. Whenever starting (or rebuilding) a habit it’s best to do it first thing in your day. ✋Don’t “wing it” Winging your workout might work for a week or two, but it leads you down the rabbit hole of program hopping. Failing to plan is planning to fail. ✋Are you guilty of these mistakes? I've made them, no doubt. The first key is finding out what you need to change. The second is having a plan of action to lose fat and build muscle. You’ll get both with me as your personal trainer....Stuart Seymour @ Motiv8 Personal Training , Clifton , Bristol

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