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The Key to have Great Abs

Everyone I speak too wants to improve their stomachs Yet So many people don't understand the fundamentals of achieving this The first thing you have to achieve is consistency with food Without getting your body fat down to a certain level, you will not be able to see any definition in your mid section It doesn't matter how strong your core is, your body fat has to be low in order to see that definition No matter how many crunches you do or abdominal exercises this will have minimal effect on your stomach So step 1: Follow a nutrition plan that allows you to drop body fat sustainably Increasing metabolic rate is key to improving your stomachs appearance 70% of training should focus on BIG compound movements - Heavy Squats - Deadlifts - Chin ups - Dips - Pull ups - Military Press These exercises all work the core BIG TIME, while igniting your bodies metabolism and will be the focus of the new Body Transformation Make low intensity cardio part of EVERY DAY life not your workouts I worked in the health club and it use to make me laugh - seeing all the women walking on the treadmills It would be lush weather outside and all these women would be walking on the treadmills believing that the 'FAT BURNING ZONE' on the treadmill was a real thing! The key in the gym is to have a plan that helps BUILD lean muscle or minimally maintain it. So that means that long cardio, should NOT be something we do in the gym YES - walking is great for fat loss! But it should be Fat Loss session. So step 2: Don't waste time doing tricep kick backs and crunches if you want a toned stomachdoing this stuff every day The world health organisation say, that if we don't hit 6,000 steps a day we are classed as sedentary So step 3: Hit 6,000 steps a day of walking as a minimum each day outside of the gym Finally hit your abs with exercises to target low, medium and high fibres My go to exercises for abs are: - garhammer raise variations - cable pull ins - candle sticks - Jacknife variations on a TRX or Swiss ball - cable crunch and knee pull in combo - kettlebell windmill variations - turkish get ups - Pre stretch swiss ball crunch - Palof press variations - Woodchops Making sure you pick one exercise per week to target different aspects and movements the abs are involved in is KEY to constant progression. So step 4: Vary your abdominal training with different exercises to place continued new demands on the body So basically: - get lean - train hard and effectively - move lots - sculpt with effective exercise choice There is a little bit more to it in terms of understanding the muscle fibre type of certain exercises and what reps and sets they respond best too But from experience nailing the basics is KEY to success

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