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The incease of men with Moobs these days

I can't help but notice the increase in men with Moobs coming to see me for personal training and at the gym that I train myself at. It's getting really common A good pec measurement on a BioSignature is 3 or less It's no surprise why this is happening though Theres a few reasons Well, think about it Most men spend all day sitting down now more now with office jobs instead of manual work Surrounded by digital technology We have hardly move these days There is inventions for every damn thing I grew up in in a town where parents played over the park with their kids Kicking around a football Playing rugby Throwing a frisbee around These days kids just play on I-phones and I-pads, so parents don't get half the exercise they used to by playing with their little ones Secondly the food we are eating is garbage Typical diet I'm seeing involves cereal or porridge for breakfast, wraps for lunch and a spaghetti Bolognese - Carbs, carbs and carbs It's no wonder men have estrogen problems (moobs) Finally we consider good exercise to be cardio Cardio does nothing to boosting testosterone levels So when your doing your spin class or long run, men are basically enhancing their female characteristics If you like having sugar daddy hips and moobs then crack on , but the last time I checked this isn't the look that's gonna get you attention from the ladies So if your confused about the best way to get rid of your moobs and want to become more of a man then I can help.

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