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So You Don't Think You Need a Personal Trainer?

If you're car breaks down, you take it to a mechanic - right? You're no expert with cars after all So taking it to someone who knows a thing or two about cars kind of makes sense You want a nice tattoo You go to a highly recommended tattooist You want sex advice You wouldn't hire a virgin sex therapist I could go on and on about examples of hiring professionals But with getting in shape Most people think they are experts I have had endless consultations with people who are overweight who say. 'I eat really healthy' 'I train spot on in the gym' The thing is people who say they, 'know what they're doing', most often don't. As more and more people think they know what they're doing I though I'd give you some questions today to see how much you really do or don't know 1) How much fibre should you consume each day to optimally lose body fat? 2) How many grams of greens would you need to consume each day to hit this fibre target? 3) How many grams of protein in 100 g of lean meat? 4) What's the minimal amount of protein we should aim for each day for maintenance of muscle based on you're lean body mass? 5) Why is bodybuilding great for people with insulin management issues and terrible for people who are inflamed? Which one is best for YOU? 6) Is H.I.I.T. training best or steady state aerobic best pre breakfast - why? 7) How many actimel yoghurts are the equivalent to one high quality probiotic capsule? 8) How does fish oil help you lose body fat when it has 9 calories per gram? 9) Why are carbs best in the evening for people overweight with cortisol issues? 10) How do you find out if you are ready to increase carbs without an increase in body fat? It's surprising how little some people actually know Even the ones who think they know it all

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