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Real Fat Loss

We all need know what Real life fat loss is and what people need to learn about these days. Getting in shape is simple in theory, but in reality it's tough. Life does seem to get in the way no matter how hard we try. Often personal trainers find it hard to give specific answers to certain questions. Getting in shape is not a one fits all sort of thing. Here are afew questions most trainers get asked and I have tried to answer, 1) 'Is sweating good for fat loss?' 2) Can I eat porridge for breakfast and still lose body fat fast?' 3) 'Is HIIT or steady state training best for fat loss for me'. Lets look at this first question in a bit of detail Unfortunately most people judge the success of a workout by how much they sweat. Aerobics classes and spin classes have been rammed for 20 years plus for this very reason. Yes, they make you sweat like crazy, but do they actually help you lose body fat? They certainly DON'T, in fact many of the best coaches in the world have evidence to believe that spin in particularly makes you fatter. Here are the words from the worlds leading strength coach on Spinning: 'In spinning exercise, the body adapts by storing both intra-muscular and subcutaneous fat in the thigh and hip areas to provide a more readily available source of fuel for the aerobic recovery periods. The body figures out, if I store fat there it reduces the time to get to the muscles to provide the energy source. Result: Kobe beef thighs and butt, all plump and marbled with fat inside Spinning for fat loss…NO THANKS! –Charles Poliquin So the body will lay down more fat stores with excessive cycling like spin which is a negative adaptation. So back to my point... Most women think sweating is great for fat loss - BUT THAT'S NOT ALWAYS TRUE. Spinning as backed by Charles Poliquin is AWFUL for fat loss and he even believes excessive spinners will adapt in a negative way - So spinning will make you potnetiallyfatter. Now again this isn't always the case either mind. For the morbidly obese a spin class may be awesome as an introduction to fat loss. - It improves blood flow - It burns calories - It increases base level fitness But for 95% of your the positive adaptations of a typical spin class are exhausted in 4-6 weeks. There are women who spin weekly and have done for 5 years+. This proves how women (who make up the majority of spin classes) don't understand how to train effectively. Now I'm not saying sweating is bad, sweating is AMAZING. But don't judge the effectiveness of a Fat Loss program on how much you sweat alone. I do alot of hitt workouts with clients and these get you sweating doing functional movement patters and high intensity movements. I can get to know you and answer your questions, with answers better than, 'It depends'. So is sweating good for fat loss - Well, it does depend. Sweating in a spin class is AWESOME for a complete beginner, but pretty useless for anyone else. Especially if done frequently. Sweating doing a workout using all the major muscule groups ( squats , deadlifts , bench press, pull ups and prowler drills) is AWESOME, as it's a total body workout that provides a tough element of conditioning and promotes lean muscle mass gains. So do you want answers to more questions? - Is intermittent fasting good for women? - Do I need to count calories to lose weight? - How much protein should i consume each day? - If I can't squat all the way down should I not squat at all? - For fat loss should I do direct arm work on biceps and triceps? - Why can't I do a chin up when I'm only 57 kg? - Is fish oil going to make me fat as it's high in calories? - Is HIIT or steady state training best pre breakfast for fat loss? I can help you answer all these questions with My personal training sessions

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