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Question -Do Small Hinges Swing Big Doors

CAN A PERSONAL TRAINER REALLY TRANSFORM YOU'RE LIFE? You've heard the saying "little hinges swing big doors" - right? I'm always shocked when I hear people say how it's difficult to reach their goals - They may want to drop a dress size - Lose 14 lbs - Be able to do a full pull up - Do the park run (3 miles) in under 25 minutes When I ask them what they're doing in an effort to succeed with these goals I'm even more shocked to hear that they're doing too much of all the wrong things. It's easy to see why so many people are frustrated and feel overworked. If your goal is to drop 14 lbs then you'll be surprised to know how little effort it takes to achieve what may be a massive success to you. Before you discount the fact that it's easy, just head on over to my website and there is a ton of before and after photos of people who have succeeded HERE'S ARE THE ONLY TWO REASONS WHY MOST PEOPLE FALL SHORT WITH THEIR GOALS 1) They're doing too much of the wrong stuff to succeed 2) They're working IN the goal rather than ON the goal BUT WHAT IF YOU COULD ACTUALLY DO LESS AND SUCCEED MORE? Let me explain... See, at 211 degrees water boils and it's perfect for making hard boiled eggs to feed those muscles the protein they need. But at 212 degrees water begins to turn into steam and that steam can now power a train and create locomotion, transportation, and connect cities and countries together. That one degree of change can also turn the turbines at a power plant creating electricity for thousands of homes and business. One degree of change makes all the difference! Small hinges swing big doors... IF the small hinges are the RIGHT hinges! Often times I consult with people who get overwhelmed at the idea of "all they need to do to succeed" when in reality it's not a whole lot more than what they're doing now... fact success takes less work than most of you are doing now, but it does require that you work on the right things and to give that one more degree of effort required. If you're not where you want to be with you're body shape, fitness or health then the odds are you're not doing the right things and you're not putting in that extra one degree of effort required that's going to make all the difference. You don't have to work 10X harder or 10X more or spend 10X longer in the gym to succeed All you need is just one more degree of change in the right areas of your life to make all the difference you need in your business. One more better exercise per workout One more set per session One more rep squeezed out One more glass of water each day One more serving of vegetables One more hour of early to bed One more degree in shift in how you think. One more positive person in you're life Just one degree of change (effort) each day can make a massive difference next month and in the up coming year. But you have to make that 1 degree shift

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