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Metabolic Complexes

Metabolic Complexes Are a Fantastic Way to Get Lean

This method is also great for improving athletic performance.

It basically combines three exercises done as a triset (one after the other with a brief rest period).

All three exercises target the same muscle group.

The first one is used to build strength, so you'd do a big compund lift for 4-8 reps.

The second exercise is a hypertrophy movement done for 8-12 reps.

The third is a metabolic exercise done with a set lasting 45-60 seconds.

Here are some examples:


A1) Back Squat x 4-8 A2) Pendulum Squat x 8-12 A3) Prowler Push x 45-60 Seconds


A1) OHP x 4-8 A2) Seated DB - Arnold Press x 8-12 A3) Battle Ropes x 45-60 Seconds

Posterior Chain

A1) Nordic Leg Curl x 4-8 A2) RDL x 8-12 A3) KB Swings x 45-60 Seconds


A1) Bench Press x 4-8 A2) DB Chest Press - 15° x 8-12 A3) Assisted Push Ups x 45-60 Seconds


A1) Dip x 4-8 A2) Close Grip Push Up x 8-12 A3) Ski Erg x 45-60 Seconds

Doing those set up for a few weeks is a fantastic way to increase the metabolic output of your sessions and get super lean.

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