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Keep Rest Time Short for Fat Burning

So in the gym people WASTE so much time. You may get to the gym 3-4 times a week for just one hour. You need to MAXIMISE your time there. The main difference with strength training, muscle building training and fat loss is how rest periods vary. Now I'm guessing over 70% of you who are reading this email would like to drop body fat. So todays top tip has to do with rest periods. You need to keep rest to a MINIMUM for fat loss. Rest is important, especially for STRENGTH TRAINING. The nervous system takes unto 5 x longer to recover than the muscular system so YES for strength training rest periods do need to be longer. But you want fat loss - right? So having a clear, concise GOAL and training towards that goal is KEY. But so many people get CONFUSED. For fat loss, people take far too much rest. If you want to drop body fat the simplest way yo do it is to lift weights and keep rests to a minimum. Now don't take this the wrong way. Taking short rest does not mean RUSH your exercises. Strength exercises should be done using controlled tempos. You must focus 100% on quality and executing the movements effectively. Then don't waste time, get onto the next exercise. After all - for fat loss you should be following a workout structure. You should have a session plan. A structured and tailored program designed for YOU. Not some generic fitness plan from women's fitness magazine or some website. So whether your doing: - Timed Sets - Density Training - German Body Composition Training - 50 Rep Method - German Volume Training - Strongman Training I hope you know these training systems otherwise you are MISSING OUT on lots of fat loss results. Keeping rest periods shorts has many benefits: - burns more calories - causes more metabolic effects - boosts the metabolism far more - increases your cardiovascular fitness That's why in the body comp sessions we are now running in my private facility we are progressing the guys onto the 50 Rep method. So there we have it, more reasons to get in the gym and work hard. If you find yourself at the gym and you are: - chatting between sets - watching tv between sets - checking your phone between sets - Scrolling through Facebook - Reading emails - Reading the paper or a book SERIOUSLY you are not training hard enough.

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