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Is Crossfit good for you?

CrossFit is a little bit like Marmite Some people love it and others hate it Now when it first came on the scene it was all the rage There were CrossFit gyms springing up everywhere, however the surge in popularity certainly seems to be decreasing Or is that just me? I love the fact that CrossFit encourages people to bond together I love the fact it encourages resistance training I love the fact it encourages full range of motion But it certainly has its flaws You just have to see the horror videos floating around You Tube to become aware of this So here are the usual questions I get? Is CrossFit good for you and will it work? I don't believe CrossFit is the best way to get in shape CrossFit has built it's reputation on it's daily workouts This constantly emptying the tank (Your body) by pounding it into the ground theres only one place your going to end up my friend. That's Exhausted and injured. Not good Injuries are pretty popular in CrossFit A few friends of mine have done CrossFit for years and is now in one hell of a mess Always in pain Basically her upper traps are so HUUUGE from all the overhead work in CrossFit - snatching - jerking - presses - wall balls So she has large Trap 1's and no Trap 3 muscles This huge imbalance is causing chronic pain all the time for her Bad news I spoke to a chiropractor the other day and he says at least 60% of the injuries he sees in middle aged gym goers is due to CrossFit That's a pretty huge % Sure it works for a lot of people, but I honestly believe there are far better ways to train that are more individualised for you If you love CrossFit then AWESOME The key is finding something you can SUSTAIN Something you ENJOY If CrossFit is that then crack on You should consider this though My friends have done CrossFit for 3 years and only now is MESSED UP A training programme should be designed to a achieve a goal for you There's so much to consider when you're looking to 'get fit' It's what my I go through at my gym when we sign up new Clients What's your exercise history and background? Do you have any current or long term injuries? Where is your body currently at and where do you want to be? Just a couple of things I will do to ensure we really get to know you. So we can cater for all of your individual needs

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