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I love February 09/02/16

Let me explain why January people start on their New Years resolutions and try and do it cheap Have you heard the saying, 'Do something for cheap and pay twice?' Well it's true Its the same with getting in shape In January people join the budget gyms charging £9.99 a month and they expect to get these Amazing results But it doesn't happen Theres valid reasons why as well How can these gyms get personal when they have thousands of members? It's impossible right? Also the agreement that these facilities have with the trainers is like slave labour It's not uncommon for these gyms to have personal trainers working 10-15 hours a week for the gym and also paying a weekly rent What personal trainer in their right mind would do this? Answer: A crap trainer Any okay personal trainer should be charging £30-40 in a big city, so working 10 hours for Free is the equivalent of £300/400 rent and to take the piss even more some of these trainers also pay the gym CRAZY All the cheap gyms have this agreement - pure gym - the gym group - lifestyle fitness Even the hotel gyms pay their trainers close to minimum wage These gyms are all about making money Now I'm cool with making money But when people sweat every day and do workouts that make them feel half dead Follow nutrition plans prescribed by trainers It upsets me These gyms even run virtual classes now NO JOKE So you go in and watch a video with someone to show you how to workout So they are saving money on the instructors where they can too The thing is training is dangerous The gym isn't somewhere you wanna mess around It's how you get injured Which is exactly why I set up my on my own and work in a private training facility in Clifton' Bristol I am the opposite to the budget gyms

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