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Hydration For Rapid Fat Loss

WATER + HYDRATION I know what you are thinking. Drink more water..... surley it's not that simple to lose fat. Let me explain and tell you exactly how much you should be drinking because we are all different and should have specific amounts dependent on our body. If you are dehydrated it affects your whole body in hundreds of negative ways. - Your energy levels suffer if dehydrated - Concentration levels decrease - Sleep becomes disturbed - Recovery gets affected - Stress levels increase Imagine your colon as a reservoir. Now in order for your body to function properly this reservoir needs to be full. This helps your organs to function and for your body to shift any excess toxins from the body. If your training hard and burning fat water is needed to transport that fat out of the body. We basically pee and poop out fat. So if your training hard and not hydrated you may be breaking down fat, but not excreting it. This can lead to it getting restored. Water also speeds up and helps digestion and bloating. So without the basics of water your weight loss will 100% be slower or even stagnant. This is why the simplest tip is the most crucial. You need to be drinking 1 litre of water per 50 lb. of body weight. So if you 12 stone (168 lb.) you would be drinking 3.5 litres per day. This doesn’t include your green tea. Green tea is bonus water :-) So simply buy a 2 litre bottle. Keep it with you and use this as your marker for your daily targets. It's that simple. Start this today and I can promise you 10 days from now if this was the only change you make the results will be phenomenal.

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