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Fitness New Years Resolutions - Have you kept yours

There was a article the other day interviewing people to see how they were getting on with their New Years Resolutions. I use to work at Fitness First Club for a while before starting my own personal training business Motiv8 personal training - so I know all about the culture in these gyms. But even I was surprised with what I was reading. So out of 100 people who they asked 27% had already given up on their New year's Resolutions of getting in shape. One woman had joined a health club and hasn't used any of the facilities to actually get in shape since the first week of January. Yet she attends every day! These were her words: ''I haven't used the gym, the pool or the classes for 3 weeks now but I still attend every day to grab a coffee on the way to work. The facilities are really good and they have free wifi so I'm not complaining''. I couldn't believe what I was reading She's happy with her gym service because she can have a coffee everyday and use of the wifi - It's bonkers! The statistics when I was working as a PT at Fitness First were no better. - 12% of people would join the gym and NEVER EVER attend - 13% of people would join the gym and attend less than three times Pretty sad statistics and it's this reason why I believe the large health clubs are NOT the place to train if you are serious about achieving your goals and sticking to your New Years Resolution. 1;1 personal training at a private gym are definitely the way to go if you want success. You need somewhere that offers: - Accountability - Nutrition - lifestyle - training You need it all to succeed!

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