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Feel like a ZOMBIE to drop body fat Fast!

To achieve extraordinary results, you need an extraordinary training program. This is not one monotonous program, which takes you from fat to fit over a long period of time, but is a program that is continually changed, modified and adapted depending on a variety of different factors. Remember, the plan that took you from 20% to 18% body fat, WONT be the same program that takes you from 16% to 18%! Your body is an amazing machine and it adapts fast, which is why we are in constant need of varied stimuli to keep the body guessing and in turn, progressing. Whilst fast results are never guaranteed, if you are looking to accelerate your fat loss, I invite you to give the “Zombie Circuit” a try! It's one of the workouts that I've programmed for my clients at Motiv8 Personal Training Gym in Clifton Bristol. The Zombie Circuit workout is based on German Body Composition Training (GBC) - an advanced fat loss strategy that allows you to add muscle and lose body fat simultaneously. Zombie Circuit Workout: A1) Safety Bar Heels Elevated Squat / 12-15 reps / 40X0 Tempo / 30 Rest A2) Chin Ups / 12-15 reps / 3011 Tempo / 30 Rest A3) Deadlift / 12-15 reps / 40X0 Tempo / 30 Rest A4) Over Head Barbell Press / 12-15 reps / 40X0 / 30 Rest A5) Farmers Wall / max distance / XXXX Tempo / Rest 60/120/180 Perform 4-5 sets in total. If your a fitness specimen like me ;-) I recommend you take just 60 seconds rest after a full circuit, but 120 seconds or 180 seconds may be more appropriate. GBC workouts such as the one above maximise fat burning hormones. However, this particular GBC workout is tougher than the usual GBC programs for a number of reasons; 1) High Reps - Higher reps are going to promote even greater build up of lactic acid. This means more potential for adding muscle and a greater cascade of fat burning hormones - Win Win! 2) Insufficient rest periods - Most GBC workouts provide 45 - 60 secs between exercises. With only 30 seconds, a greater demand will be put on your conditioning which is an effective way to burn more calories! 3) Strongman - By adding a 5th exercise to the typical GBC format (maximum distance farmers walk), you will be pushed to the limit! Farmers walks also work to further fatigue all the muscles previously worked in the circuit - i.e. More bang for your buck! So if you think you have the mental strength and determination to take on the Zombie challenge - Give it try! Unfortunately, for those of you that belong to a typical health club, you may find this workout a little tricky. Health clubs and cheap gyms tend to spread their equipment across the gym floor, or across multiple levels, making circuits like this one virtually impossible! If this is case come down to my facilities which is a 1;1 personal training in the heart of Clifton Bristol and book yourself in for a personal training session with me, Stuart Seymour At Motiv8 Personal Training it's proven fat loss workouts and a strategy to prepare my clients to get the most out of workouts such as this Oh - why is it called the Zombie circuit? That's because after you've finished the lactate build up will be so high that you feel sick and turn green - just like a Zombie

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