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Energy Boosting Tip

This is a habit I am trying to get every single client in my facility doing each day Wake up and drink lemon and a 1/4 tea spoon of himalayan salt What does it do? Read this article from Strength Sensai >>>> Here <<<< If you haven't got time to read the article here is the recipe: Try it: – ¼ Tsp Coloured Salt – any coloured salt works – A shot of Lime Juice – fresh or from a glass bottle – A glass of water – ideally filtered Mix everything and drink it right after waking up. How much water should you take with it? As much as you need, 200ml being the minimum. Just put the juice of 1 freshly squeezed lemon or lime in a glass, which is about 1 tbsp of Lime juice, add ¼ teaspoon of coloured salt in it, and then add water to taste You want to reset your biorhythm, increase your energy and decrease belly fat – start your day with a ¼ tsp coloured salt, and a shot of lime juice in a glass of water. This is the most simple change with the greatest overall effect.

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