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Breakfast Myth

Stuart Seymour October 10th 2017 Breakfast. It's the most important meal of the day - right? We've been told that without breakfast our metabolism will slow down, we'll get intense cravings, lose energy, and it will be harder to lose weight and burn fat. But new scientific research is now proving your metabolism works just fine if you don't eat a big breakfast. In a recent study from the famous American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers made a shocking discovery. You can see the study results; along with 3 more LIES we've been fed about breakfast and weight loss. MYTH #1: Breakfast Increases Your Metabolism The whole idea that not eating a big breakfast will somehow slow down your metabolism is simply not true. In a recent paper published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers delved into dozens of studies to uncover the relationship between eating breakfast and increased metabolic rate. The researchers divided 309 overweight and obese (but otherwise healthy adults) into two groups to specifically find out whether eating or not eating breakfast had any impact on weight loss. After 16 weeks, the researchers found absolutely NO difference in weight loss between the groups. The researchers concluded that breakfast being the most important meal of the day is merely nothing but a shared belief. That's it. In other words, there is ZERO long term research indicating or proving that eating breakfast leads to lower body fat or increased metabolism. MYTH #2: Eating Breakfast Helps Control Your Hunger In fact, the exact opposite happens. Typical breakfast foods like orange juice and toast will spike insulin levels, sending your fat storage hormones soaring SKY high, making you go on a hunger binge - all while putting your body directly into a fat STORING environment. MYTH #3: Breakfast Helps You Control Weight And Lose Fat There are tons of studies out there that claim eating a big, well balanced breakfast helps promote weight loss. But in reality there are NO long term studies that show a direct correlation between eating breakfast and weight loss. In fact, according to Time Magazine.... "...contrary to popular belief, having breakfast every day was NOT tied to an improvement in metabolism. Prior thought—supported by research—has shown that eating early in the day can prevent people from overeating later out of hunger, and it boosts their metabolism early. The new study which examined causal links between breakfast habits and energy balance did NOT prove that." Bottom Line: Eating Breakfast Does NOT Aid Weight Loss Efforts. In fact, SKIPPING breakfast altogether (a form of intermittent fasting) and eating your calories later in the day, say between 11am to 7pm or 12pm to 8pm, has been shown to increase anti-aging Growth Hormone [4], while BOOSTING your immune system [5] and regulating your hunger hormone (Ghrelin). It also normalizes insulin sensitivity, balances leptin levels (i.e. your #1 fat burning hormone), and even reduces oxidative stress by decreasing free radicals, helping you LOOK younger. Mounting evidence also confirms that when you skip breakfast and use some form of intermittent fasting, your body becomes adapted to burning FAT (instead of sugar) as its primary fuel, which can make you LEANER, while dramatically reducing your risk of chronic disease. And for all you breakfast lovers out there? Feel free to have a "light" breakfast, but make sure you AVOID traditional high carb breakfast foods that spike your insulin like bagels, toast, and orange juice. Stick with light protein sources, like farm fresh whole eggs, along with some low glycemic fruits (like berries or cherries). This will help keep your body in "fat burning mode" for the rest of the day. These foods increase insulin levels, sending your fat storage hormones soaring SKY high, and still leave you hungry hours before lunchtime. So it is so important that if you do choose to have breakfast, that you eat the correct things. It is much better to miss breakfast and far more beneficial to do this than to eat the wrong things. At SOS Athletic Excellence, we create bespoke nutrition plans and we work with each client on an individual basis. For most people skipping breakfast is the best thing they can do because breakfast is typically high sugar. In the morning controlling insulin levels is key for fat loss. The worst morning foods for fat loss include: - Fruit Juices - Cereals - Toast - Whey Protein - Baked Beans - Excess Fruit Many people don't realize that whey protein actually increases insulin!! Not what you want in the mornings. The best breakfast choices are: - Animal Protein - Fish - Nuts - Eggs - Smoothies using plant protein - Vegetables So if you can't stomach the 'best breakfast' choices in the mornings, may be fasting mid morning and experiencing the benefits of this article are an option for you. It's about creating healthy habits that fit in with your lifestyle. Everybody is unique and finding out what works for you is key. If you'd like help with your nutrition and would like help we can offer you help and assistance @ Motiv8 Personal Training. I work with all of my clients to find out the best strategies and techniques to work for them.

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