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Body part training for fat loss good or bad?

Body part training for muscle building good or bad? If you aren't sure what body part training is it's training one or two muscle groups per workout So it could be: - Chest and Back - Shoulders and Abs - Quads - Arms - Posterior chain (glutes + hamstrings) The answer on this type of workout being for you: IT DEPENDS Here is a few things that needs to be considered How often are you training a week? If you are training 1, 2 or 3 times a week body part training won't cut it Why is this? Basically you won't train every muscle group in a week with this approach You have to be able to train each body part each week before you even consider the fact that it is for you or not If I can train 4 times a week is body part training for me? If you are new to the gym I wouldn't opt for body part split training Training legs for 45 mins+ is HARD if it's done effectively Not many advanced clients of mine would be able to cope with structure like this The same goes for other body parts too When is body part training best? If your looking to increase lean muscle mass, body part splits can work real well but I'd follow a total body approach initially. Why is full body training a great place to start? - Build up some strength - Get more insulin sensitivity - Improve your conditioning levels A personal favourite of mine for new clients wanting to drop fat is German Body Composition training Whether your 1,2 or 3 times a week training this system is unbelievable for results. Following this set up I'd progress to upper and lower body workout splits before finally hitting body part splits. One of the main reasons I'm not a fan of body part splits for most people is they don't do it properly. They basically fu*k up the session structure. When your training 1-2 muscle groups a workout the session set up is totally different to a full body approach. Exercise selection, rep schemes, volume and rest periods need to be managed real closely. Do you want to learn how to do this? Give me a call for a free consultation Stuart Seymour Clifton . Bristol 07929593598

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