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Bin the scales

One of the only things that can make you feel like rubbish or on top of the world. That little number on the digital display (or dial if you're still old school) can determine whether you may have a good or bad day. I get lots of people say , I've weighed myself this morning and haven't even dropped a single pound!" or worse "It's gone up a pound!" Stop obsessing with needing the numbers to move down on the scales. I know deep down that you know that you really want fat loss and not just weightloss. I understand that it's hard to stop weighing. But listen... You work hard, you have kids to look after, sometimes parents to look after too, you've finally found time to start looking after yourself for a change and get healthy only to feel downbeat when you step on those scales and they're not moving fast enough, or maybe not at all (which is completely fine by the way). Here is what I hav heard from clients; "I'm glad I'm setting a good example to my daughter." "I can't believe I just finished that workout - I have so much more energy." "Wow! I can finally fit into those size 12 jeans - I haven't been able to do that for seven years." "It felt so good when my friend who I hadn't seen in a few months asked if I've lost weight." You see, you don't have to let the scales be the only determining factor behind measuring your fat loss progress. More energy, feeling stronger, looser-fitting clothes - this is what matters, not the numbers on the scales. Scales will mess with your head, if you let them. And it's so easy to let that happen. For some reason scales have a strange controlling factor over us; our sense of pride, value and well-being. I'm willing to bet you there's been a time when you've rigidly followed a diet and exercise plans, you feeling great and think to yourself "I must be down five pounds now" only to the step on the scale with great expectation and...BAM! You've lost nothing! How could this be? You stuck to the plan to the letter. Self doubt then creeps in. You start to question everything. What could you have done differently? I'll tell you - DON'T STEP ON THE SCALES IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! Seriously, If you never knew how much you weighed for the rest of life, what would happen? What in your life would change? Only positive things, I would guess. You're a busy, you have far more important things to think about than the numbers on a scale. It's seriously a waste of headspace. Now, I want you to hide your scales or donate your scales or throw them directly into the bin. Just make sure to get them out of your site and have awareness of other ways of measuring your progress. Don't let that little pesky number on those scales determine your happiness and progress in 2017. You're worth so much more than that.

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