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1. You're not getting enough sleep Sleep deprivation leads to increases in the stress hormone cortisol which can make it difficult to lose abdominal fat 2. You're eating too much Many people start eating healthy but often over consume more calorie dense items such as nuts, nut butters etc. It's very easy to add an extra 500 kcal's to your daily intake just from a few handfuls of nuts. 3. You're not training to maintain your muscle mass Training sessions should be geared towards maintaining muscle as it is muscle that supports your metabolism and accelerates fat loss. Avoid doing too many training sessions that break you down as they are harder to recover from especially when dieting. 4. You're doing too much long duration cardio Long distance running and marathon forms of cardio break the body down, instead of this opt for shorter high intensity sessions that can be completed in as little as 12 minutes such as prowler pushes or a met con circuit combining 3-5 exercises

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