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Testimonials Disclaimer: Testimonials found on Motiv8 Personal Training have been sent to me by past and present customers and may not reflect the typical customer’s experience with results varying from person to person. The testimonials are meant to be a showcase of the best results personal training with me can produce with hardwork, grit & determination and should not be taken as the results everyone will get.



Dino Zamparelli is a professional GP3 racing star from Bristol in the United Kingdom, racing for ART Grand Prix.

Following succesful seasons in the Ginetta Junior Championship and the Formula Renault BARC Championship, winning both titles, Dino has now made the step up to GP3, signing for GP3 reigning team champions ART Grand Prix after an encouraging debut season in 2013.

Dino's ambition has always been to become a Formula One World Champion, and with his early racing pedigree and fluency in three languages (English, Italian and French), he certainly has all the markings of making it to the very top in motorsport.


"I've lost 10% body fat and 3" off my waist whilst training with Stuart. I feel and look fantastic for my wedding."

"I've been working with Stuart for a number of months now and I'm chuffed to bits. I initially wanted to try personal training in order to lose weight and tone up ready for getting married next year but now I can't imagine doing exercise without Stuart's motivation and expertise. I've always struggled to maintain any weight loss and motivate myself to go to the gym, spending endless money on a gym and never actually going. It has been so much better value than joining a gym as the workouts are tailor-made and always varied. Stuart always motivates me to keep going and make me feel at ease. Healthy eating has always mystified me and as part of his service gave me some handy notes on what sort of things I should be eating and avoiding.


I'd thoroughly recommend Stuart to anyone, I dreaded going to my initial consultation and he made me feel comfortable at once. He's fun to work with and I always leave with a sense of achievement knowing I'm getting fitter and thinner by the week."

Jude Lemon, Legal Secretary

Sean Macmhaoinigh before

Sean Macmhaoinigh (before)

Sean Macmhaoinigh after

Sean Macmhaoinigh (after)

"I have been using Stuart now for 5 months. I originally started using him as a top-up before climbing Kilimanjaro. I was so impressed by the results of his training I kept it up upon my return. Thanks to his training I am competing in the Invesco Perpetual '24 peaks in 24 hours' challenge in September 2009 and my long term goal is to climb the highest mountain outside the Himalayas, Aconcagua, in December 2010.Stuart is a fun person to be around. He is firm but fair and will get you performing to your limits. I have no hesitation in recommending Stuart, whatever your ability level."

Sean Macmhaoinigh, Hargreaves Lansdown

"Every session is different; he knows exactly how far to push me and I always leave having worked much harder than if I'd spent an hour on my own in the gym. We workout outdoors as well as in the gym,which keeps things challenging and interesting.I always look forward to my next session, which also motivates me to keep fit in the meantime. I would definitely recommend giving Stuart's personal training a go if you want to get the most out of your workouts. He extremely knowledgeable about fitness and very fun PT to work with."

Charlotte Killick

"I was in a near fatal motor cycle accident and nearly lost my leg, Stuart helped with my recovery with getting my ankle to move a lot more efficient with rehabilitation."

Richard Jackson

"I've used a few personal trainers in the past but with working in Bristol I needed to find someone local and I'm so glad I called Stu. He is a motivating trainer who continued to push me (even when I had a broken foot) and helped me prepare for trekking across the Sahara and some of my other crazy ideas! I always found it a great way to start a Monday morning, and Stu was always positive (even when I wasn't) andencouraging, pushing me to improve every week. Thanks again Stu."

Rachael Matthews

"Before I looked into personal training sessions, I had been going to the gym for a while but I was really stuck in a rut. I wasn't pushing myself at all and didn't know how to make changes to my workout. I started training with Stu in September 2011 andI've seen him every week since. The sessions are relaxed, fun and never daunting."

Sadie Cole

"I was initially worried about seeking a PT to help me, but Stuart soon dispelled my fears, he offered friendly uninhibitedtraining in a fun and motivational way. Each session is taken at my pace always with a little push to get maximum results (I may not thank Stuart at the time, but do after). A highly recommended trainer with an excellent personality, I welcome my return visits to Bristol so I can do further training. Thank you for your positive encouragement and giving me the motivation to keep going."

John Newman

"I've been training with Stu for some time and although initially I had misgivings about personal training (i.e. my lack of fitness!), I found the sessions enjoyable and soon started to see the benefits. Each session is different and tailored to your particular requirements and although challenging, you never feel pushed or intimidated. Stu is knowledgeable, friendly and always supportive. No matterwhat your level of fitness, with the right training and encouragement you will surprise yourself with what you can achieve and I would happily recommend Stu to anyone.."

Jules Lewis

I've been trained by Stu twice, 3 years ago and again more recently (August 2013) and on both occasions I was looking for something to get me moving, as left to my own devices, I just don't make the time. He's a very likable, easy-going character, gently cheerfulof an early morning and just chatty enough to take your mind off the 'burn'! Importantly he really knows his stuff and is very attentive, making sure you keep good form throughout each exercise, to ensure maximum benefit and that the weights etc are appropriate for your ability. He varies the session every single week - to the point that in more than 12 weeks, I've hardly had anyrepeats at all. Also, each exercise tends to only last a few minutes, or a certain number of reps before it's time for the next one. This is perfect if you are not naturally drawn to the gym or get bored easily. He will listen carefully to what you want and make sure that's what you are working towards. Despite being very fit and healthy himself, you can still talk to him about things like cake without being looked down on - I find this is a very reassuringly human trait! I'd seriously recommend him to anyone, young or old, pro athlete or couch potato, fit or fat - don't be nervous, if you want to get fitter but just don't know how to get going, give him a call.

Jo Young

"I've been training with Stu for a few months and I have to say I've had a great time! In the first session we sat down and talked about my goals and I was immediately relaxed. He has devised a varying and very effective program for each session and I canhonestly say that, as a person who was at first very averse to exercise, I now look forward to each session. He is a great motivator and makes the exercise enjoyable whilst also encouraging me to achieve my targets and tone up for summer.In addition to the exercise I've even had advice on my diet and any supplements I can take - an area that has been confusing mefor some time. I recommend him to anyone!"

Katie Ketty

"II've been training with Stu for the last 2 years and the fact that I've stuck with him for that long speaks for itself! I've seen a real difference in my body shape working with Stu, , whilst he makes each session enjoyable - you never feel bullied orpressured into doing exercises you don't want to! Also Stu is very flexible on timing of sessions and if you need to rearrange."

Robert Hall

"I first contacted Stu as I wanted a personal trainer to get me into shape for my wedding in July. I was a bit apprehensive at first,  but Stu made me feel at ease from the first session and gave me the motivation I needed to carry on. Stu ...MoreI first contacted Stu as I wanted a personal trainer to get me into shape for my wedding in July. I was a bit apprehensive at first,  but Stu made me feel at ease from the first session and gave me the motivation I needed to carry on. Stu is very knowledgeable, gave me plenty of advice and every session is different. I was delighted with the results and managed to tone up my problem areas! I felt happy and comfortable with myself on my wedding day and I still see Stu now as his sessions are a great way to keep fit. I would highly recommend Stu to anyone, he listens to the individual and will support you to achieve your goals"

Beccy Write