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Best exercises for fat loss

We live in a world full of confusion I'm hoping there is one thing we will agree on today Weight training is much better than long distance cardio for looking good, feeling great and tightening up your body However What type of resistance exercises are the best The best exercises for fat loss are the ones that work the most muscles simultaneously Ever wondered why there aren't any machines for your finger muscles in the gym? You'd have to do a million reps to burn 10 calories that's why The best exercises are the BIG Lifts The ones that work a lot of muscle all at once I'm talking about Squatting, Dead-lifting, Bench Pressing, Dips and chin ups There are others that require a lot more technique The clean The Snatch The Jerk So compound movements and Olympic lifts give you BANG FOR YOUR BUCK They'll help you get LEAN and feel damn good too This is much better than wasting your time doing: - Power plate classes - Zumba - Spin Compound exercises and Olympic lifts will benefit you big time The positive hormonal effect on the body is phenomenal compared to steady state cardio and most gym based classes

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